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Optima Range
Industrial & Commercial Cleaning Applications Across All Industry Sectors

Diesel Operated High Pressure Steamers

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Inox Range
Commercial, Professional & Domestic Cleaning Applications Across All Industry Sectors

Commercial Electric Inox Range

Even big business can take advantage of the great benefits of the steam generators.

In fact, it is perfectly adaptable to the cleaning of large machines used in any type of industry (where chemical agents are used, food industry, wine industry, where are used oily or greasy substances, etc.).

Every year it is increasingly felt the need to limit the use of chemical agents for cleaning industries, which inevitably end up in our water, air and soil. Precisely for this reason the demand for products like ours is constantly growing in the industrial sector; no matter the size of the surface to be treated, because the steam efficiency is incomparable.

Domestic Electric Range

Considering that the steam is extremely effective for cleaning professional and industrial environments, it is the perfect choice for your home.

The home environment presents different types of surfaces that require a deep cleaning, which is necessary in order to live in a healthy and protected environment; what can be better than the steam, which avoids the use of chemical products that are dangerous for our body?

Every day we bring into our homes external agents and microorganisms that inevitably affect our health (just think about how many surfaces our shoes get in contact with).

The three different settings, on which you can select a wetter or drier steam, greatly expand the range of different dirt that can be treated (the oil of the kitchen, limestone in the bathrooms, the spaces between tiles, the window panes, etc.).
Ideal for the treatment of mattresses!

The high temperatures reached allow to eliminate mites, bed bugs and any other type of insect that normally nestles in your beds; in a few minutes every type of tissue is cleaned, sanitized and refreshed in its entirety.

Steam cleaning is also highly recommended for those who own animals: in a short time you can clean and sanitize floors, carpets and sofas, eliminating those odours caused by hair, saliva and other animal waste.

Professional Electric Range

Hotels, residences and any type of tourism enterprise, big or small, have very specific hygienic-sanitary requirements, determined by the high turnover of guests. Rapidity, the reduced use of invasive chemical detergents and freshness, are peculiarities demanded by this businesses, typical characteristics of the environments treated with dry steam.

Steam cleaners respond to the new health plan that protects community and environment health, ideal for the prophylaxis of infectious diseases, as well as for veterinary care.

No bacteria or pathogen survives in dry steam.

Healthcare environments are the most exposed to the risk of infections, due to the presence of conditions that facilitate the proliferation and diffusion of pathogenic microorganisms. The occurrence of these pathogen events is due to several factors, such as the presence in the same room of sick people, the influx of visitors, the practice of maneuvers and interventions that promote the propagation of infectious agents, the selection of resistant and particularly virulent microorganisms.

In public environments, in which there is typically a high promiscuity of people who can stay or just temporarily pass through, there are countless sources of biological contamination, which may lead to an increased risk of contracting infections. In fact, infectious diseases are transmitted more easily in close environments, especially where many people live together in close contact.

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