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There has never been a more critical time than now to re-think our cleaning methods. From the simple action of washing our hands to discarding our used tissues, making sure our toilets are covered when flushing, to disinfecting our homes, work places, public areas, schools, businesses and both public and private means of transportation, it will be an understatement to say that we need to clean. We need to decontaminate, disinfect and sanitize constantly and consistently.

We need to change how we follow protocol and use the best possible means of keeping our areas germ free. Our masks, face shields, hand sanitizers, gloves and other personal protective equipment all play a major role in ensuring that we do our best to protect ourselves, our families, our friends and our fellow South Africans from as many illnesses and diseases including the dreaded Covid 19 virus that has caused a worldwide pandemic.

Taking care of yourself is your responsibility and is in your control. Unfortunately the areas that you work at, visit, or utilize as transport are not. Another unfortunate part is that you cannot control the next person’s hygiene. In cases like these we need to take all personal precautionary steps and make sure that we do the same for all the areas that are visited by others: staff, pupils, visitors, customers or friends.

Earthglo Hygiene is well aware of this and has thus partnered with global leaders to help decontaminate, disinfect and sanitize a variety of different spaces. We have introduced our custom 3 step protocol using innovative technology and techniques performed by our trained staff who are passionate about their responsibilities.

As the demand for cleaning services grows unfortunately so does the supply. We unfortunately because our current situation the phrase quality not quantity has never been more precise. With hundreds of new companies popping up clients need to make an informed decision of whose services to employ. The oldest company? The cheapest? The fastest? The first to call on you, or the last? We believe that a lot goes into choosing which company to choose but the selection process should include the company’s passion and moral obligation for the services that they offer.

Earthglo has a dedicated team of motivated, obligated and passionate people who understand that the quality of our work coupled with our state of the art equipment and materials used puts us in the forefront of the hygiene field.

Changing the way you clean



Earthglo believes that healthy, disease free surroundings comes from cleaner greener safer environment. “We strive to deliver an excellent standard with thorough service to our customers. Earthglo’s mission is to be at the forefront of the growing cleaning industry with innovative technology in order to go beyond our customer requirements. To ensure that our customer gets the finest service in the Cleaning Industry in order to provide Quality service and ultimately surpass customer expectation.

Earthglo Cleaning provides a specialised High Temperature Deep Steam Clean at 138 Degrees Celsius. This high temp cleaning eliminates Bacteria and Germs fighting the war against viruses.

Earthglo Cleaning Service provides services to Homes, Offices, Commercial and industrial buildings, Restaurants, banks, Showrooms, Motor industry, Schools, and Hospitals which will enhance the reliability of a hygienic safer environment. Our cleaning solution helps to remove dirt, stains and marks and increases its durability and restores the fabric. With a minimum to no drying time, you fabrics will regains its newer look keeping hygiene our primary priority.

We offer complete professional Deep Cleaning to residential and commercial. Cleaning your upholstery, cushions, fabric, leather and suede couch. The steam cleaning removes all dust, mould, fungi and grease build up. Used to clean Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Furniture, Kitchen units and appliances, Wooden floors, Tiles, Windows Cars, Caravans, and Boats. It is proven that high temperature steam cleaning is more hygienic than using chemicals.

Earthglo Cleaning provides best and cost effective Move In-Move Out cleaning service. We clean your office or house when your leave or moving to a new place. We have innovative equipment and a trained team who understand all your cleaning needs. Our services includes a unique 3 step process

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